using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

4 Ways A Commercial Locksmith Can Assist Your Business

Vilho Kotila

If you own a business with a physical storefront, you will want to work with a commercial locksmith to protect your business. A commercial locksmith can offer your physical business many benefits, which are essential to consider and be aware of.

1. Master Key

As a business owner, you probably have keys that go to multiple different rooms and buildings. If you rent out any property, you may even have more keys that correspond to different properties. Keeping all of those keys straight can be a hassle. Fortunately, a commercial locksmith will help. They can create a master key for you, which you can use to access all of your buildings and rooms within your building. You can still have individual and different keys that you give to other people, but as the business owner, you will have a master key that you can use to get into everywhere you need to.

2. Fix Damaged Locks

Sometimes, the locks at your business are just going to get damaged. For instance, they may get jammed after being used over and over again. Or they can malfunction over time. When a lock is damaged at your business, the security of that business is put at risk. This is something that you are going to want to take care of right away. If you have a broken lock at your business, you will want to call a professional commercial locksmith to come in and fix it right away.

3. Rekeying

It is natural to experience manager and employee turnover. However, if you have had a lot of employee turnover and you have not gotten the keys back from everyone, a locksmith can come in and rekey your locks. When you rekey your locks, you are not changing out the locks. Rather, you are changing the locks so that a different key works inside of the lock. This helps to maintain the security of your building.

4. Upgrading

Finally, a commercial locksmith can help you upgrade your locks. For instance, they can upgrade your exterior locks to an access control system so that employees can open up the building using keycodes or finger scans, all of which can be easily revoked when an employee leaves. This will save you from needing to rekey every time you have a personnel change with your business.

Working with a commercial locksmith is a great way to keep your physical business location safe. They can provide you with many services that will keep it safe, such as the creation of a master key, fixing damaged locks, rekeying, and upgrading your locks and security system. Contact a commercial locksmith to learn more.


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using gun safes safely

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