using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

Need To Lock Individual Offices In Your Commercial Property And Improve Security? Talk To A Locksmith Today

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If you have had a turnover of new employees and there are people working both in the office at the commercial location and from their homes, you want to increase the security at the office. You want to consider getting new locks for the doors both inside and outside.

A commercial locksmith can look at your current locks and security and make the best decisions for your property. Here are things to consider when getting an estimate for the work needed.

New Individual Office Door Locks

Have new office door locks for every single office door. You don't want people to feel like their personal belongings in their office aren't protected when they leave or aren't at the office for the day and having locks on the doors can help with liability concerns.

You can use dovetail or knob locks and have master keys for all offices inside the manager's office or even in a safe in case of an emergency. Talk with the locksmith about the best options for your office doors.

Storage Room Lock

If you feel that you always have stuff missing from the storage room or that you are going through supplies too quickly, you want to get a lock on the storage room door. Look into getting a keypad lock or even a deadbolt, so employees have to ask permission to get in

Exterior Security Locks

The exterior locks are possibly the most important for the project. The locksmith must evaluate the doors, then determine if the entire door needs to be replaced, or if they can just replace the locking system. You want a system with:

  • Automatic locking controls
  • Wireless controls
  • Solid steel locking components
  • Manufacturer warranty

You may want a lock that goes several inches inside the door, and at multiple locations on the door to ensure there are no concerns or issues.

You can get a system that allows you to control all the doors in the building electronically if you think this is needed. Not only should you look into the warranty options for all of your products, but also the service warranty that the commercial locksmith provides with their installation services.

Locking up the different rooms and offices in the space may be the easiest way to keep everyone's belongings and your business belongings separate. Get a consult today so you can rest easy knowing everything is locked properly with a high-quality locking system. 

For more information, reach out to a company like Bilco Safe & Lock, Inc.


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using gun safes safely

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