using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

Answers to Your Questions About Fire Doors

Vilho Kotila

Fire doors can save lives when installed in your commercial building. Understand out these doors and commercial steel door controls should be used so you can ensure everyone is safe in the event of an emergency.

What Are the Minimum Requirements for a Fire Door?

At a bare minimum, a commercial fire door must meet the local fire rating requirements. This requirement is measured in the hours that the door can resist heat and flame, and it can vary so you must check local building codes to know the minimum allowed fire rating in your area. They must also open freely so that people can exit the building in the event of a fire. Other requirements may also be in effect, so it's important to always check local regulations before purchasing and installing a door.

Can Fire Doors Be Left Open?

Interior fire doors can be left open during the day in order to allow freer movement inside the building. Although these doors can be left open, do not use a door wedge or another manual style mechanism for the job. Instead, choose a model equipped with door controls. These controls include an automatic door closer device, which will cause the doors to quickly close in the event that the fire suppression system is activated. Although these controls are typically used on interior doors, you can also have them placed on exterior doors if you frequently prefer to have these open during business hours.

What Are the Options For Preventing Casual Use?

One concern with egress fire doors that are used for the emergency exit is that someone will take advantage of the exit to shoplift or sneak into the building. Fortunately, this can be prevented with the right door controls. First, opt for one way only locks—these prevent anyone from using the door to enter the building. Second, have these doors equipped with a panic bar. Users must push the bar to open the door, which will trigger the alarm and notify anyone nearby that someone just used the fire exit.

Are There Inspection Requirements?

Fire doors must be inspected annually to make sure the door controls are working properly. This inspection verifies that the door hardware is working properly and in good condition, the door itself isn't warped and moves smoothly, and that any closing devices or other controls are working correctly. In some cases, maintenance or repairs may be necessary if the doors aren't operating as they should.

Contact contractors to learn more about commercial steel door exit controls. 


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using gun safes safely

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