using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

8 Tips To A Safer Home

Vilho Kotila

When it comes to home security, there are a ton of little things you can do to help add another layer of security to your home and property. This article is a good place for you to start, as it will offer you a list of 8 very good things you can do around your home to get started on securing it to the best of your ability:  

1: Have a high-quality security system installed – The best thing you can do is have a high-quality wireless security system put in that has cameras with good definition, monitors for all doors and windows, remote access and a loud alarm.

2: Have your locks, frames, doors, windows and sliders locksmith approved – The best way to know what areas you need to focus on with regards to making your home as hard as possible to break into is to have the locks, frames, doors, windows and sliders looked at and approved or replaced by a professional locksmith.

3: Use motion-activated devices - The more motion-activated things in your yard, the more barriers a criminal must pass through. Motion sensing lights can scare them off and let you know someone is out there. Motion sensing sprinklers will get them soaked and possibly spook them off. Motion sensing garden statues are one more thing that can make noise to alert you to a presence and freak them out.

4: Sleep with your car remote next to your bed - If you have your car remote near your bed, you can press to make the alarm go off if someone is trying to get in the house. This will alert your neighbors to a problem and can get rid of the intruder quickly.

5: Don't leave valuables in your car - You never want to leave valuable items in your car when you are inside of the house. Someone can easily get in most cars quickly, even if they simply bust the window, grab the valuables and run.

6: Never leave emergency keys outside - Most experienced criminals know all about the different hiding places people use to hide their spare keys in the yard.

7: Lock the door that leads from the garage to inside the house – Garages can be real vulnerabilities in many homes. This is why it's always a good idea to make sure you always keep the door that comes in the house from the garage locked, even when your garage doors are locked.

8. Have your safe maintained and repaired – Make sure your safe is regularly maintained by a safe repair technician and that you are sure to have it repaired as soon as you know it isn't functioning as it should.


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using gun safes safely

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