using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

Reasons To Upgrade One Or More Interior Locks In Your Office

Vilho Kotila

A commercial locksmith can be a valuable ally when you manage a company. Not only can this professional change the locks when you make staffing changes, fix filing cabinet and safe locks, as needed, and perform other similar services, but he or she can also upgrade the locks at your place of work. While your first instinct might be to upgrade the exterior locks — and this is often a good idea — don't overlook the value of taking a similar approach to one or more interior locks in the office. Here are some reasons that you should hire a commercial locksmith for this job.

You Keep Sensitive/Valuable Information In One Location

It's worthwhile to have your commercial locksmith upgrade one or more interior locks in your office if you keep material that is sensitive or otherwise valuable in these locations. For example, if you have some high-value equipment such as A/V gear, it makes sense to store these items in a room that has reinforced locks. In the event that a burglar were able to get inside your office, he or she may not be able to access this room. Similarly, it's ideal if personnel documents of a confident nature are stored in such a location.

You Want A Secure Location For Staff

Every business manager should have plans on how to protect his or her staff in the event of an emergency such as a shooter on the loose. Workplace shootings do occur, unfortunately, and having a secure location to which your staff can flee upon a shooting can be a difference maker in saving lives. Upgraded interior locks on some rooms in your office can, in essence, turn these rooms into fortified areas. If a shooting were to occur, staff members could run to the office together, lock the door behind them, and call the authorities.

You Have Confidential Meetings In This Room

In offices, many internal rooms aren't equipped with locks. This could compel a staff member to open a door and walk into a room where something confidential is taking place. Whether there's a personnel meeting or some other type of event that you don't want your staff to know about, an upgraded lock on the door to this room will allow you to keep unwanted staff members out to avoid any surprises and potentially awkward situations. Your local commercial locksmith can present several different types of lock options for you to consider.


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using gun safes safely

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