using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

Just Bought An Occupied Rental Property? Hire A Locksmith To Work On A Few Projects

Vilho Kotila

While some people purchase a home with the hope that they can live in it for their entire life, others may be interested in buying a home specifically to use as a rental property and a way to earn extra income. Investing in a rental property gives you so much potential for additional income, and you may have even bought an occupied rental property, which takes away the need to find tenants for as long as the lease lasts. After taking ownership of such a house, you should hire a locksmith to work on several projects immediately.

Check Exterior Doors

It is important to have a professional look at all the exterior doors for the property. The front door may have been rather secure, but the back door may struggle in this category. If a burglar can just go to someone's backyard to avoid a door kick plate that may be reinforcing the front door, then you must make this change. Someone who offers locksmith services can inspect all doors to make sure they are tough to get through. One of the doors may not have a solid core, which means you will benefit most from replacing it with a solid door.

Re-key the Locks

Although the previous homeowner may have given you several keys, you should err on the side of caution by re-keying the locks. It will prevent anyone that might have an old key from getting inside. This is an important step in making sure that the tenant moving in feels confident about doing so. The most essential locks are the ones that go directly into the home or lead to a path inside, so this means you will also want to switch out the key for the door that goes into the garage because the next door is the house.

Add Features

When you are living in your own home, you can make security-related changes until you feel satisfied. But your tenants in a rental do not have many options to improve security. This means that you can take matters into your own hands as a property owner by improving security through new additions. For instance, you can add latch guards, deadbolt locks to doors without them, and even a second deadbolt on the front door.

When you are willing to make a few improvements to your newly bought rental property, you will reduce your own risk while also helping the tenants to feel comfortable with where they are living.


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using gun safes safely

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