using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

When A Roommate Moves Out, Consider Updating Your Security

Vilho Kotila

When a roommate moves out, hopefully you left on great terms and had a positive living experience. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. And if you don't trust your roommate completely, you might want to update your security and fully reclaim your home from your old roommates.

Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying is a big thing to do when a roommate moves out. You might have had them return the key, but you never know whether they had a second copy made or if they were careless about loaning out the key in the past. By getting your locks rekeyed, you simply ensure that an old roommate cannot come back onto the property, or allow someone to break into the property, or compromise your security in any other way.

There are lock rekeying sets that you can buy and replace the lock yourself. All you need to replace is the locking mechanism itself, and if you are handy with tools, you can probably do this yourself with a drill. But a lock rekeying service from your local locksmith, such as those at Key One Inc, is also a pretty affordable way to improve your security. You might want to reset the locks not only on your home entryways, but also on your home mailbox locks.

Let People Know the Roommate Moved Out

You don't want your old roommate to keep having the same privileges that they had when they lived at your place. So that means you should let anyone involved with your home know that the person no longer lives there. You could start with letting your neighbors know so that they will know something is up if they see the person around the property. You may also want to let the mailman know and remove the person's name from your mailbox. Let utility and cable companies know, as well, that they are no longer authorized to use those services under your address.

Consider a Security Camera

If you are really worried that this person would want to lurk around your property, then you might want to install a security camera that will record all activity on your property. The level of security you put in place really depends on whether you think your old roommate could have a malicious intentions towards you or if they are mostly harmless. But all of the steps above could help you keep your home safe after the move out. 


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