using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

Three Simple Auto Lock Questions And Answers

Vilho Kotila

Auto locks are among the parts of a car that can be extremely easy to overlook. However, it is still possible for these locks to suffer problems that can make it difficult to secure your car or open its doors. By understanding more about the types of problems that your car locks can encounter, you will be better able to address these problems when your car experiences them.

How Does Ice Interfere With The Performance Of An Auto Lock?

It can be fairly common for individuals to overlook the fact that ice can pose a serious issue for automotive locks. This occurs because ice accumulations can gather on the interior of the locks. When this happens, you might find that the lock is unable to turn. If this occurs while you are at home, you may be able to melt the ice by warming the lock with a hairdryer. Unfortunately, if this happens when you are away, your only option may be to gently jiggle the key to break up these accumulations. Make sure that you are careful when attempting this repair so that you do not break or otherwise damage the lock.  

Why Does The Key Not Release The Lock When Your Turn It?

In some instances, you may discover that the key will easily turn, but the lock will not release. There are a number of reasons that could potentially cause this problem to arise with your locks. However, one of the more common causes can stem from a faulty wire or gear. If the wires and gears in the lock are not correctly aligned or if they are warped, you may find that the lock is unresponsive to the key. Sadly, repairing this type of damage will require you to replace the compromised lock components. While this may be a relatively inconvenient repair, it can be essential for the safety and security of your automobile.

What Is Making The Lock Get Gradually More Difficult To Use?

As the car ages, you are likely to discover that the locks gradually become increasingly difficult to turn. Accumulations of dirt and other debris on the moving parts of the lock can contribute to this problem. However, you will find that this issue can be fairly easily repaired by simply cleaning the locks every few weeks. To do this, you will want to thoroughly wipe the exterior of the lock to remove any obvious dirt and dust. Additionally, you can use a can of compressed air to remove any particulate materials that have made it inside the lock.

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using gun safes safely

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