using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

How to Protect Your Business from Lock Snapping

Vilho Kotila

If you own a small business, then you probably know that you need to keep it safe by having the right locks installed on the doors. The locks on the exterior doors are the most important, and cylinder locks are typical for these entrances. However, you should know that your locks may be at risk of being broken through a process called snapping.

Snapping occurs when a burglar uses a hammer, screwdriver, or a combination of the two tools to force great pressure against the cylinder. The key hole is used as the entry point to force enough pressure against the lock so that it snaps into two pieces. If you want to prevent such break-in attempts, then make sure to consult with your local commercial locksmith and ask if the following things are a good idea.

Anti-Snap Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are extremely versatile locks where the internal cylinder or core can be exchanged. This can be advantageous if you only want certain people to access the front door of your business or if you experience regular turnover and locks need to be changed for security purposes. The exchange is relatively simple and inexpensive.

However, while the cylinders are likely to be made out of strong steel parts, the cylinder will be relatively small with the key opening in the middle. This means that the cylinder will not remain intact against snapping. Usually, when pressure is applied, the lock will snap relatively close to the middle. This will expose the latch part of the door from inside the lock and the door can then be opened.

If you want to keep the versatility of cylinder locks without exposing your business to break-ins, then think about asking your locksmith about an anti-snap cylinder lock. This type of lock will break when pressure is force against it. However, the lock will not break in the middle. The lock will contain several small sections, where a traditional cylinder lock will have two.

When pressure is forced against the anti-snap lock, one of the smaller sections towards the front of the door will break. The burglar will have no opening or clear place to force a screwdriver into the next part of the lock. This means that the rest of the lock cannot be broken and the door will be safe without any direct latch or bolt access.

Digital Deadbolts

Most people know that deadbolt locks are the most secure options for businesses, and your locksmith is likely to inform you that a double-cylinder deadbolt is a great idea. These locks contain extremely thick steel cylinders and reinforced jambs that resist snapping and forced jamb breaking. The best of the deadbolt locks are called grade 1 deadbolts that can be activated many times and that can withstand 75 pounds of force against the lock 10 times before it starts to break. 

Unfortunately, deadbolts can be quite pricey, especially if you want to change them out every so often. Thankfully, you can forego the regular key lock system and have a digital locking one installed instead. This will allow you to keep the traditional deadbolt with your own master key.

To allow others access to the door, you can provide them with a digital key. This key can be accessed through an application on a smart phone, and you will be able to turn the keys on an off when you desire. You can also go with a system that lets you provide different employees with a physical key fob that will open the door remotely. You will have the option of programming these keys too.

If you are not interested in advanced technology, if you do not have a smartphone, or if you are concerned about the price of key fobs, then you can go with a coded keyless entry system. Push buttons will then be used with separate codes for yourself and your employees. Each code can be activated and deactivated when you desire. 

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