using gun safes safely

using gun safes safely

3 Reasons Your Growing Business Needs An Access Control System

Vilho Kotila

Over the past few years, your small business has experienced a steady rate of growth. Although the success you're experiencing has put you on the path to becoming a leader in your field, it has also increased your chances of becoming a victim to inside theft or corporate espionage. Luckily, you can significantly decrease your chances of experiencing a setback by installing an access control system. An access control system will provide these three benefits to your thriving business:

Increased Security

Even though your office and warehouse are currently fitted with sturdy deadbolts, surveillance cameras, and locks, your sensitive files, computers, and inventory are still at risk of being stolen or damaged by a disgruntled employee or intruder.

Although it's impossible to completely eliminate your chances of experiencing a break-in, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of such an event by incorporating additional forms of security and verification. Additional security improvements such as parking gates, electronic fences, and even window or door sensors can be operated and controlled by an access control system.

Standard security measures in combination with these additional forms of protection will make it much more difficult for an intruder or unauthorized employee to access important components of your business without being detected. Each of these security features will require authorization from a form of verification—which can be monitored and documented throughout your access control system.

The specific credential that's required to gain entry to secured areas of your business is completely up to you. Key cards, PIN codes, or even fingerprint scanners can be used to verify authorized employees.

Improved Employee Accountability

An access control system isn't only capable of keeping unauthorized personnel off your business property. In addition to securing your property, an access control system can be used to monitor the whereabouts and actions of your employees throughout their work shifts.

An access control system can be automated to store activity logs on your business network. As employees use their cards, codes, or fingerprints to gain access to various areas of your property, each verification request will be stored on a hard drive or server for you to view when necessary.

Although this feature may sound a bit too "Orwellian" at first, it certainly has its uses throughout the administration of your company. Monitoring employee activity throughout your business property can allow you to verify that certain employee tasks have been performed without even needing to leave your desk. Additionally, you can refer to the logs kept by your control system to verify or invalidate an employee's account of their daily routine or work habits—which you'll find incredibly useful when performance reviews come up throughout the year.

Reduced Long-Term Security Costs

Each time you've had to hire an employee, you've had to hire a locksmith to create a duplicate of the keys required to traverse your business property. Additionally, each time you've had to fire an employee, you've arranged for a locksmith to completely rekey the locks throughout your office or warehouse. Although these expenses may not seem very large at the time, they certainly add up—and as more turnover occurs during your businesses' period of growth, these expenses will only increase.

These expenses are a non-issue for access control systems. Key cards, PIN codes, or fingerprints can be added or removed from your control system without having to spend a dime. Although the initial cost of an access control system may seem high, it will certainly reduce your overall security expenses in the long run.

The increased security, improved employee accountability, and reduced costs of an access control system will prove to be an invaluable investment as your business continues to grow. If you have yet to install a system throughout your business property, then contact a local locksmith for a consultation.


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using gun safes safely

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